Some thoughts about why we need to talk about new technology.
A new Ask Me About My Podcast is out about keeping it real while making reels.
Some thoughts about work, identity, and *cringe* personal brand.
A new Ask Me About My Podcast is out about what I didn't know about podcast hosting platforms.
A new Ask Me About My Podcast is out about a tale of unexpected naked yoga shark action.
Some thoughts about what this freelance dev thing actually involves other than being a code-monkey who sits around in PJs all day.
Some thoughts about compassion and technology. Found some great examples of compassionate technology like HippoCamera, No Isolation, CSIRO's CALD Assist app, and programs like April Wensel’s Compas...
A little intermission where I share a little about my iron deficiency and launching Thesaurus Inventus.
Some thoughts about the discourse happening around self-taught vs formal education, and what it means to be successful.
Thoughts some brilliant Women in STEAM had to share about how we can promote educational engagement, stoke enquiring minds, and get kids (and everyone else) excited about STEM. https://micheleong.s...
Got a bit nerdy (and nostalgic) about classical music in cartoons like Bluey, Sarah and Duck, Disney, and Looney Tunes.
I wrote about some of my favourite examples of cross-disciplinary collaboration and interdisciplinary work throughout history.
I wrote about my hill that is the 'A' in STEAM. The arts is more than 'just' making things pretty. It's integrated into everything that we do in so many different ways. https://micheleong.substack....