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This week on Episode 47 of STEAM Powered, we speak with Kira Dineen, Genetic Counselor & Podcaster. 

Kira Dineen, MS, LCGC, CG(ASCP)CM, has a decade of podcast experience fueled by a passion for science communication. She has hosted and produced 6 podcasts. Her main show, "DNA Today", is in the top 1% of podcasts globally. Listeners Discover New Advances in the world of genetics through Kira’s interviews about genetic technology, disorders, and news. The show won the Best 2020 and 2021 Science and Medicine Podcast Awards. "DNA Today" has produced nearly 200 episodes. 

In our conversation, we talk about Kira's journey to genetics, genetic counselling, and what we can and can't learn from DNA testing kits.