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This week on Episode 34 of STEAM Powered, we speak with Dr Kit Prendergast, the Bee Babette, Native Bee Scientist.

Dr Kit Prendergast, also known as The Bee Babette, is a native bee scientist and science communicator. Her research focuses on discovering the biodiversity of native bees and identifying the factors that influence their abundance, diversity, and distribution, so that we can have an evidence-based understanding of their ecologies to better conserve our indigenous bees. Her research has also involved investigating the controversial topic of competition with the introduced European honeybee Apis mellifera. She loves getting out in nature and spending her days among the flowers seeking buzzy bees! In addition to her 'hard core' sciencing, the Bee Babette also is passionate about scicomm, and regularly gives presentations to local communities and schools about native bees and how we can all make a difference to their conservation. She is the author of 'Creating a Haven for Native Bees' and 'Abuzz About Dawson's Burrowing Bee', the latter about her research on her favourite bee, Amegilla dawsoni which she has a tattoo of a pair having sex on her shoulder. Kit was a Famelab Finalist and a Young Scientist of the Year Finalist in 2019.

In our conversation, we talk about Australian native bees, bee conservation, and biological taxonomy.

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