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This week on Episode 43 of STEAM Powered, we speak with Dr Nicole Tschierske, Coach, Facilitator, and Change Manager. 

Dr Nicole Tschierske is a scientist and positive psychology coach who helps experts and teams in STEM do better work.

Nicole works with her clients improve their collaboration and communication skills so their work gets the momentum and recognition it deserves. She also helps construct ways of working that reduce stress, increase motivation and engagement, and deliver results.

Nicole lives in Hamburg, Germany, holds a PhD in chemistry and is trained in coaching, positive psychology, change management, and advanced problem-solving.

When she’s not buried in research papers and books you can find her taking long hikes in the German countryside or mesmerised by Mary Poppins on the screen. 

In our conversation, we talk about Nicole's STEM journey, sustainable mental health in the workplace, and how we can do better work.