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This week on Episode 56 of STEAM Powered, we speak with Krithika Chandramouli, Software Engineer. Thanks to Polywork Opportunities for connecting us!

If you can't decide between two career paths, try exploring both. Krithika Chandramouli found bioengineering to be a sweet spot between health sciences and technology and was able to explore both pursuits before she found her way to software engineering. Join us as we speak about Krithika's path to software engineering, contributing back to the community through her work and mentorship, and going from a love-hate relationship with running to completing a half-marathon.

Krithika is a Software Engineer at Meta. She comes with over 8 years of experience working in a range of industries like video streaming services, fintech, and social media. She is an expert on JS and full stack engineering, and is a technical and thought leader. She thrives when she is working on solving complex people problems that lead to innovation in products. She mentors young professionals, especially women, in the areas of career development in the tech industry. Outside work, Krithika is a runner, rows crew, practices Vipassana for mindfulness, a Veena player and an aspiring writer!

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